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You have a conscious business.

Your passion is to serve the world and to create a sustainable and prosperous livelihood through that service.

I help people like you express who you are, what you offer, and who you serve in a beautiful, clear and effective way, so that you can fulfill your purpose.

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Rave Reviews for Solua Designs

One of the best decisions I made in starting our company was to engage Dayna to manage all aspects of our website development.  I cannot say enough about her level of competency and technical sophistication in creating our site including the graphics and copy. Dayna had to deal and negotiate the dynamics of  many stakeholders at our company level and her delivery was beyond our expectations.

Joseph DeNucci, Founder and CEO—Insight Intensive at Gold Lake

Dayna is a web design master! She weaves the essential technical skills with her brilliant artistic eye. Dayna is fantastic to work with and truly knows how to drive a project to completion. I absolutely recommend her talents!

~ Colleen Vistara of Vistara Designs

I have worked with Dayna for the past 6 years and I have been absolutely thrilled to have such an intuitive, creative person who not only understands my work and how I want to manifest it in the world, but also adds a component of beauty and grace to my ideas to complete the expression of my own heart.  Our dance together is based on intuition, beauty and sisterhood.  I know Dayna’s belief and trust in my work is reflected in her creative design, and I am happy to say that my belief and trust in her work has grown to a place of pure admiration.  My website traffic has increased, my clients love the easeful mapping and navigation, and my advertisements and flyers are continually complimented.  Dayna is a pleasure to be around, incredibly supportive and very helpful over all.  I am grateful for my work with her both past and future.

~ Sue Vans Raes, MS of Boulder Nutrition

Dayna is masterful with the technicalities as well as the design aspects of her work and she goes the extra mile to take care of her client’s needs. She always makes herself available to answer my questions and work on the unexpected as needed. Dayna has seemingly unending patience, highly developed skills, and a delightful presonality to be around, making work much more pleasant. She always maintains the utmost professionalism, and I always feel like a priority. I am sure I will hire her throughout the years to come for my design and web needs. I would recommend Dayna Seraye of Solua Designs in a heartbeat, to anyone who is looking for a top notch designer for any project big or small.”

~ Indigo Serenity Bacal of Inspired Female Leadership

Dayna surpassed my expectations of what was possible in designing my site. She is a gifted web designer and technological Yogini whose serenity in the face of so much detail was a true blessing. Dayna expresses life so fully in so many ways, not the least of which is she is gorgeous! And she is a devoted mother, a healer and an artist who GETS THE JOB DONE while having fun. I sincerely appreciate her and am so happy to have her on my team.”

~ Elysabeth Williamson, Author ‘The Pleasures and Principles of Partner Yoga’

Working with Dayna was a pleasure.  She listened to our requests, met deadlines, and patiently addressed all of our pre-launch modifications.

Jennifer & David Perlick of Perlick Legal Counsel

I have this warm, expansive feeling in my chest when I think of how much Dayna Seraye has supported my business.  As an acupuncturist and clinical director of a busy integrative medicine clinic, my focus is on my patients and their health.  Advertising and web presence has always been a chore for me that I have left to the bottom of the to-do list and have relied upon word of mouth.  Through Dayna’s support, my web presence has consistently grown and now we get a significant part of our business through the internet.  As a healer, I feel Dayna understands the aesthetic of my practice and how I want my work relayed to the public.  She really sees who I am and has been an incredible support.  As a business owner, Dayna’s professionalism and sheer results make her services a important investment for our continued growth.”

~ Marco Lam, Acupuncturist

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